September 12, 2011

using vintage in real spaces

You may remember the trip I made to the antique mall (part 1 & part 2) not too long ago. The whole reason I went in the first place was because I was looking for some wire baskets. I love the look of rusty, bent metal. Here are just a few photos of interiors with wire baskets that fueled my search.
Aren't they amazing? Perfect for storage and perfect in modern, vintage, country and pottery barn-esque interiors.  While there I managed to find a few different options. I knew I was looking for a basket large and deep enough to hold Ella's stuffed animals. I found an old poultry/dairy farm basket which fit just what I was looking for.

It was rusty, old, slightly bent, and the perfect size for housing stuffies. The bonus on this basket was that it has a powder/light blue metal plate on the front with the name of the farm on it. It's my favorite part of the whole thing, and makes it extra special. 
Poor mouse, he looks like he's being smothered in there. 

Finding vintage pieces and actually using them in your home can be harder than it seems. Often I'll find something that I love, but hesitate buying it because it's not practical in my space. 

My advice when wanting to add vintage pieces into your home decor is to find the right ones, and make sure that they have a purpose in your home. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration in how to place vintage items in your space. If you need a jumping off point I'd suggest starting there. Remember, if you use them or see them on a regular basis you'll love them all the more. 

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