August 31, 2011

vacation 2011

We managed through Hurricane Irene and a 7 hour plane ride with a 15 month old lap child. This little California family is enjoying our vacation in New England, but don't fret! I'll be back to regular posting after Labor Day and with lots to share! See you all soon!

August 18, 2011

shopping vintage-pt. 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my adventure at the local antique mall. Enjoy!

i don't advocate smoking, but that plane picture would be darling in a boys room
vintage type writer
the first photo is a vintage display rack. i hesitated buying it, but it would be amazing for all my hair goodies!
another vintage type writer
vintage picnic baskets // library index card case
great vendor display // vintage globe + suitcases
striped kitchen jar (<3 this!) // vintage baseballs

August 16, 2011

shopping vintage

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you've heard of Pinterest by now. It's seriously addicting and a well spring of ideas. While browsing I came across some vintage wire baskets used in home decor and LOVED the aesthetic it gave. If you want to check them out (and you do, they're amazing) you can see them in this board (and follow me while you're there!).

Anyways, I decided to take a trip to one of the local antique malls and see if I could find any of these wire gems. While I was there I snapped some photos of some things I think would make great additions to homes decor with a vintage flair, and picked up 2 baskets (one of which happens to be in the last photo). This is part 1 of a 2 part photo heavy post. Enjoy!
vintage bocce balls // vintage pyrex
vintage shirred girl's dress // that collar is amazing
vintage wood box // assorted metal letters + antlers
vintage fan // vintage yellow phone
vintage typewriter // old dairy farm metal crates

August 15, 2011

modern embroidery

Let me start by saying I'm no embroiderer. In fact, I haven't really a clue as to any specific stitches or knots. I do however LOVE the look of modern embroidery. For years I've been holding on to a few hoops that I picked up a the thrift store, but my lack of knowledge on the art has kept me from doing anything with them. A few weeks ago I bought an assorted box of embroidery thread for a felt food project I'm working on (more about that later). I decided to go for it, and try my hand at making something with the hoops.

Originally I wanted to embroider Ella's name but because I'm no pro I just decided to stamp her name with black ink on the linen before putting it in the hoop. I actually like the look. It gives nice contrast and adds a different texture to the project. I think it also help keeps it modern and not so "grandma-ish". Apparently I'm no stamping pro either, my letters are quite off. And I will be honest, I had to stamp her name about 6 times before I got a piece I liked.

You can see I'm really not very good, which is evident in the loopy tail of the kite. It turned out more wonky than loopy. Ella has brown and pink in her room so I cut a little wool felt in those colors to make a kite and tail.

Overall it was a pretty easy piece to do, but I think i'll have to keep practicing this craft. It's fun!

Here is some inspiration to get you going. There really are some amazing things you can do with embroidery!

August 12, 2011

words to live by...

This tiny chalkboard sits on Ella's dresser, and every so often I change out the message. Here is the most recent message to her, well...more of a message to myself. Just some simple words to remind me to take joy in the little things. I hope you all find joy in your day too!

August 10, 2011

Online Fabric Guide

I get most of my fabric from a small handful of places. The majority I buy online, but when I can't wait (need it for a rush order, etc.) there are only two places around town I shop at. I just got two packages this week with beautiful fabrics in them, and I thought it would be fun to share exactly what I'm shopping for these days.

My favorite in the bunch is the Kokka Japanese Bear Friend Fabric. As soon as I opened it I kicked myself for not ordering more (and it was on sale, what was I thinking?!!!). It's just so adorable! The little bears, the girl, the apples, the's a great print! I've been thinking about what I'd like to use it for, but then I get sad thinking that I may run out. I have a feeling i'll be sitting on this 1/2 yard for a while mustering up the courage to actually use it.

The other fabrics I just scooped up on sale as additions to my fabric collection. I rarely buy fabrics that are full price unless I LOVE them and know that they will sell out fast.

These are some of my favorite places on the web to buy fabrics:

Sew, Mama, Sew!
Girl Charlee Fabrics 
Hawthorne Threads

Around town I shop at:

Beverly's Fabrics
Joann's Fabrics

I was just introduced to Girl Charlee Fabrics from Rebeka at Artsy-Crafty-Babe. She mentioned using them for the first time and liking the shop, so after reading her post I headed over to the site to check it out. That's where I scooped up the Kokka Bear fabric and the Baby Nay Stripes (in the sale section). Good recommendation Rebeka! Thanks!

Am I missing any other great fabric sites? Where are you buying your fabric from these days? Please share!

August 8, 2011

Sewing For Fall

Here it is, outfit/item #2 in the Sewing For Fall series I'm doing. At the end of the series like to have at least 8 pieces made for Ella's Fall wardrobe, a few tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories and maybe even a sweater. This simple peasant dress is similar to the cap sleeved tunic  (item #1), but with a full sleeve and elastic casing around the neck and arms. I didn't use a pattern for this dress, but again it's similar to this free tutorial and this pattern.
I think that it'll look darling with leggings, and I love the combo of polka dots and the funky strawberry print. (I can't find the names of the fabric, but they were ordered online. If anyone recognizes what they are please email me or leave a comment with the names.)
Since this is the second top/dress, I'll be doing a pair of bottoms next. I've been thinking about working with knit/jersey fabric on the next project, and leggings seem like a good addition to Elle's fall wardrobe. I've never really sewn with those types of fabrics, but I've been seeing a lot of great tutorials using jersey/knits. 

Are you doing any sewing for fall? Please share!

August 6, 2011

{products I love- lipstick}

Most of what I share here on the blog is craft/sewing/project related. Rarely do I mention things I love, my style, or any real personal likes/dislikes. Well, I love makeup/beauty products and fashion, and I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite beauty items with you. Hopefully it encourages you to step out of your regular makeup routine and try something new, red lipstick! (I promise it's not that scary). 
black + white striped shirt, red lips and tortoise shades
This summer I'm loving red lipstick! It's a classic look and makes any outfit feel finished and pulled together. You can use it to play up vintage or modern fashion senses; it really is a versatile staple!

My go to shade this summer has been Lady Bug my MAC. It's a lustre formula so it's the perfect combo of matte and gloss. A ever so slight sheen that wears beautifully. It has a slight (I mean slight) orange tint which I prefer to the deeper reds, again, great for summer (but perfect for year round!). 

I know a lot of people are worried about pulling red lipstick off. The key is really to get a shade that compliments your skin tone, I'd suggest going to the MAC counter and trying a few shades on. Once you play around with a few shades you'll immediately be able to tell which gives you the "street walker" look and which is the perfect match. 

Also, keep in mind that when wearing red lipstick you should keep your other makeup subtle. You want to play up your lips, so don't do a heavy eye makeup, keep everything else light. I like simple black liquid eyeliner + mascara, and a touch of bronzer when I decide to do a red lip.

So step outside of your comfort zone and try some red lipstick! Once you find the "perfect match" you'll swear by it! Promise!
MAC Lady Bug lustre lipstick

August 4, 2011

{my week -in photos-}

Garden Bloom Felt Crown

Superhero Playcape

New Haircut!!!

Blue Dress + Flats

Pillow Bed


New Headband for Ella {but I couldn't help myself}


Homemade Meatballs

Hope everyone has a great Friday! This week I'm linking up to InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged. :)

life rearranged

{play crowns!!!}

Often for me new projects come out of necessity. I'm constantly sewing for my little one, gifts for others, myself, for friends little ones, etc. I often try new ideas and try to put my own spin on classics. These play crowns came from the need for a birthday gift for a special soon to be 3 year old. I thought that she'd enjoy dressing up and pretend playing while wearing a unique accessory. The response I got was so sweet, I was encouraged to put a few up in the shop (HERE is the listing). So, if your little one wants a sweet dress up/imaginative play item they can have one too! 
Don't fret, boy crowns coming soon! 

Ella is modeling it here, but it has a nice cased elastic at the back so it's sure to fit them for years. Size wise, I'd say it fits 12 months to adult. (I can stretch it over my head). If you'd like to see a few other angles you can check out more pics of it HERE.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

August 3, 2011

{Sewing For Fall - Cap Sleeve Tunic + Headband}

We've been lucky this year in Northern California to have a mild summer. Temps here can reach into the 100's for weeks at a time. Instead of blistering heat we've been treated to temps in the 80's and low 90's most of the summer. I'm hoping this mild weather transitions into Fall earlier than normal this year. In preparation for the next season I've been sewing up a few things for Ella. I've decided I'd like to make a majority of her pieces this Fall and buy her just basics/staples. Below is the first completed item in the Fall wardrobe, a cap sleeve tunic and headband. 
I was brave and didn't use a pattern for the top. In my braveness I had to cut and resew the sleeves twice, frustrating yes, but I guess thats what you get for "winging" it. It's your basic peasant top except that I cut the sleeves a tad shorter to make them capped, and I omitted the elastic from them. This top is more like a tunic as is hits Ella below the hip. It'll be perfect with tights and leggings or over jeans. 
If you want to make one and don't want to wing it, this pattern and this pattern are similar.  The headband is just a mismatch of felt flowers glued to an elastic headband (you could also use 1/4" elastic. 
I think the whole thing turned out so cute! I've since refined my non pattern using skills and whipped up a few other pieces for fall. I'll share those soon!