February 17, 2010

{Projects: Owl Stuffy}

Here is the stuffed owl I made for Baby Evan (who finally made his grand debut last Tuesday, Happy 1 Week B-Day Evan!). I just freehand drew a template for the owl and added what I thought were the right touches; a circle of brown felt for the belly, a small triangle of yellow felt for the nose, and for the sweet little closed eyes I used embroidery thread.

Sorry no tutorial for this one, maybe at a later date I'll scan the template I made so you all can use it. It's not perfect by any means (especially the slip stitching on the bottom, really not pretty) but I'll fool myself by saying it adds to his charm. My favorite part of this little guy is the Joel Dewberry Faux Bois fabric (from his Aviary collection). I've been dying to use it, and I think it fits this little woodland creature well. Hoot!

February 1, 2010

{Projects: Wipes Case}

Ok, by far my favorite tutorial is this next one. Maybe I like it so much because it's more for mom than for baby. Poopy diapers are not exactly a glamorous part of parenthood (maybe when it's your own baby you don't mind so much, i've still got 4 months until I know...) but with a wipes clutch like the one I'm about to show you I can't imagine it being that bad--until you get poop on it. Ew.

The wipes clutch is getting to be a rather popular item as of late. They are just too cute, and very non-babyesq. Great for on the go, and looking good. I know a lot of crafters and etsy-ers making these and selling them (maybe one day i'll even put some in my store and you can save yourself the hassle of making your own, even though it is very easy to do).

Again, I'll save myself the hassle and post a link to an already fabulous tutorial from homemadebyjill. I've made several myself and they are EASY to do! And don't worry if your sewing challenged, it is a no-sew project. Don't wait, make one soon. Your sanity after 6+ diaper changes a day will appreciate it!