May 20, 2009

{Bebes Pt. Deux}

As promised, here are a menagerie of photos that would be great to base a boy baby shower off of. If any of my currently preggo friends end up having a boy this idea gallery will definitely come to life. My ideas here stem from an outdoorsy-woodland theme. A whimsical forest table with touches of faux bois, polka dots, sky blue, yellow tinged green, brown and grey. There is so much that can be done with texture alone in this category! I thought that bringing in yellowed green and vibrant blue would tone down the "nature" factor while keeping the whole thing fresh and young. I definitely want the whole thing to stay away from having a "camping" feel, but rather am going for an "Alice In Wonderland-foresty-chic" kinda thing...that makes sense right???

May 3, 2009


So, I'm not sure what they (whoever "they" are) have been putting in the water, but as of lately there seems to be a lot of people around me either, a.) getting pregnant or b.) having babies. The abrupt news has caught me off guard, and definitely lit a fire under my crafty/sewing little behind.

One batch of baby goodies consisting of: a reversible changing pad, bibs, cloth balls/stuffies/toys, and baby blanket has been whipped up and given to little Jeremiah, the first to arrive, to use.

I also have been doing a lot of scouring on the internet and in blog world for ideas and pics of charming baby shower ideas. I'll be throwing at least one, attending who knows how many this upcoming year and the ideas are endless.

My best friend is expecting her first baby in November, and although there are still a few weeks before the sex of the baby is known I have been compiling ideas for both girl and boy focused showers. I apologize but I don't have references for these pictures, they are a miss-match of photos i've been collecting in a folder on my desktop for a while now.

The collage above is my idea of the perfect outdoor tea and dessert shower for a girl. The pink, white and green colors, as well as subtle butterfly theme would be great for this summer. Lots of color, girly detail, and french macaroons sounds to me like the perfect way to celebrate the mom to be.

Boy shower ideas coming soon!