September 18, 2010

{pretty little thing}

Remember that lovely little stash of goodies I scooped up at the thrift store the other day? Well I put them to good use and here is the result: A lovely little pink onesie with a vintage fabric appliqued bib and vintage lace trim. Isn't it the prettiest little thing? I'm having a fun time using all of my finds and have a few other designs in the works. I'll share them with you all soon. Now I'm just debating whether to let the Little Lady keep it or put it in the shop. What do you think?
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

September 16, 2010

{we have a winner!}

The winner was just announced for the AG giveaway hosted by Rags To Stitches Boutique. I'll let R2S announce it, so head on over and click here to see if it was you! Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep an eye out for other giveaways, we'll be doing one again soon!

On another note, southern California is warm. We're still in the upper 80's here and I am LOOOONGING for some fall like weather. September, please lead to fall. I'm over this heat! Doesn't this photo just make you want cool weather and rain boots?

September 14, 2010

{baby vintage}

Today Junebug and I spent the afternoon at the thrift store searching for vintage goodies. I needed to find some vintage trims and ribbons for some upcoming projects and Junebug needed to find herself a few vintage items for her wardrobe. The good news is that we both succeeded in the afternoon's quest. Below are a few pics of the vintage baby and children's clothing we found. They range from size 3-6 months to 24 months, and everything was under 5 dollars. Yep, can't beat that!
Isn't this yellow embroidered cardigan just the CUTEST thing ever? The detail on the shoulders is really sweet, and each button has a ribbon bow at the buttonhole.
These are size 24 months, but they are really darling in person. They are yellow and red embroidered and the vintage fabric has the softest worn in feeling.
I couldn't resist this tank top. The little flowers are darling.
It's hard to see but this dress has a crocheted red strawberry near the hemline along with some embroidery. And don't you love the laced ruffle at the sleeve? Size 12 months.
Vintage bloomers with shirring at the leg. cute!
This corduroy dress is darling in person, and the color is to die for. I think i'll need to give it a little detail though...flower? ruffle? something.
Purple gingham shorts/bloomers. I'm thinking with the tank from above they'd be the cutest summer outfit.
And for mama, some vintage fabric, ribbon, zippers, trims and lace. I even scored a couple sheets of tulle for some new clips I'm working on. I love searching for a good find. Everything total was 13 dollars. Yep, mine and Junebug's together. What a steal.

September 9, 2010

{alice in wonderland}

First off, if you haven't entered the giveaway, click here to do so!

I know it's a ways off, {ok, like waaaaayyyy off} but I can't help starting to think about Little Lady's 1st birthday. You're probably rolling your eyes, thinking "this woman is crazy, she has a 14 week old and is already thinking about her 1st birthday!" but I can't help it. I'm not so much planning, as...we'll call it "researching" possible themes and decor.

Up first is an Alice In Wonderland theme, I know all the hype about the movie and all a while back really pushed this theme into overkill, but a year from now no one will remember how trendy it is to have a Wonderland themed party, and i'll still be basking in my love for the book {the movie was a complete disappointment to me}.

Part of me is thinking this would be better suited for a young child's party and not a baby's 1st birthday. I'm thinking that babies sipping luke warm tea from fancy tea cups isn't gonna happen. Anyways...I can dream, so here are a few photos that really get my inspiration going:

The most AMAZING tweedle dee and tweedle dum cupcakes.
Party invitations. I love a good font or two, and this one uses just the right ones.
Girly tea cups and drink me tags. Details are everything, aren't they?

What theme did you do for your little one's first birthday???

September 8, 2010


Some fun and exciting news for you all! Abstract Grace has teamed up with the fabulous blog Rags To Stitches Boutique for AG's first ever giveaway! Rags To Stitches Boutique is hosting the giveaway for us so be sure to check out all the lovely things there have over there as well. The giveaway runs Today {9/8} thru next Tuesday {9/14}. There are a variety of ways to enter and the winner gets a set of personalized name bead hair clips made by yours truly! Head on over to Rags To Stitches Boutique for all the details! Good Luck!
You could win these....{personalized of course!}

September 1, 2010

{paul frank baby legs}

As promised, here they are. Even MORE baby legs to add to the madness. Isn't she the most adorable baby wearing the most adorable Paul Frank baby legs? I scored the socks on SALE at Target the other day, then whipped them into tiny leg warmers. The total cost of 4 pairs of baby legs...about $2 a pair! Can't beat that, especially when the real things cost waaayyyy more than that. Here's Little Lady modeling a pair.

Here are the other 3 pairs, totally cute huh?! I can't wait for all the Halloween socks to make there way into the stores, yay for themed accessories!