December 30, 2009

{Projects: Burp Cloths}

Ok, the next little project I made for Brooke's gift bag was patterned burp cloths. Sure they get spit up on, wipe snotty noses and clean grubby little hands, but at least doing that stuff with something cute is bound to keep your spirits high in the midst of all the...ahem, uncleanliness.

I could post a tutorial on how to make this (believe me it's simple) but i'll spare myself the work and link you to a tutorial that's already done (and so easy to follow). Plus, it has pictures, and tutorials with pictures are a good thing.

This tutorial is courtesy of Chick Pea Studios, and you can view it here.

December 23, 2009

{Projects: Washcloths}

Ok, first off is a rather simple project--washcloths. I never thought of making my own washcloths until I stumbled upon them one day while browsing Etsy. Etsy is such a great place for getting ideas. When I started thinking about washcloths (deep, I know) I realized that I don't really have any that I like, er..say, stand out to me enough to think twice about them. Washcloths don't really come in cute or fancy patterns, but are usually a rather dull square of terrycloth. In my opinion...Boring! If you can cut a piece of fabric into a square and can sew a straight line using a sewing machine then you're well on your way to making some attractive washcloths.

For these which I included with Brooke's gift I used chenille and cotton. The chenille I got on sale at Joann's Fabrics for %50 off, and the cotton I used was plain quilting cotton from a Michael Miller line. After pricing them out they cost merely cents to make. Ok, cute and cheap...I like it!

I don't have a tutorial per say for this project, but it's so easy I'm sure you can follow directions without pictures.

1. cut (1) 7.5" inch square of chenille.
2. cut (1) 7.5" inch square of patterned cotton.
3. match squares up right sides together. This means that the backsides of each of the fabrics are on the outsides.
4. pin around to hold in place.
5. sew 1.4" around the whole square leaving a 2" inch opening.
6. turn your square right side out.
7. fold in the 2" inch opening and pin closed.
8. top stitch 1.4" inch around the square. topstitching is just sewing on top of your finished good. (Topstitching helps with durability, gives a finished look to your item and will close the opening you left.)
9. you're done!

The finished washcloth will be 7x7 inches. Perfect for using yourself, or on a little one!

December 21, 2009

{Project: Gifts!}

My friend Brooke is just weeks away from having a little baby boy! I'm so excited for her, and decided to make up some things to help welcome baby Evan into the world. Over the next few days i'll post the individual items and the links to the tutorials I used to create them. To start the gift giving off I have a blue tag from Bake It Pretty with a note on one side and a short poem on the other.

"Oh the things you'll need most everyday...these will help with the messes along the way"

The items I made include most of the things I've been planning to make for my own upcoming addition from The List I've been compiling and blogged about recently. It was a good opportunity to do a run through of the tutorials before I really start cranking some of these things out.
For Brooke I made: 1 wipes case, 4 washcloths, 3 burp cloths, 2 paci clips, 2 bibs, and the cutest little stuffed owl. I'll share the specifics soon and the tutorials I used to make them. Here are some pics of the goodies all tied with ribbon.

{Happy Monday}

A sweet little package of goodies showed up on my doorstep today. Of course I was eagerly awaiting their arrival all weekend. A half a yard of Amy Butler Tangerine Full Moon fabric, and the Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillow pattern. After unsuccessfully trying to find a knock off pattern online, I caved and bought the actual thing. I'm planning on making one for nursery. I ordered my goods from, a place that I frequent often for their low prices and quick shipping (not to mention they always have a coupon going). It's hard to not get something while browsing their site. I hope everyone else had a happy Monday!

December 10, 2009

{Baby On the Brain}

Ok, so lately all i've been thinking about is BABY! We just had our 16 week ultrasound appointment and got to see our little one squirming around. It actually looks like a real baby! (What else it would look like, i'm not so sure). I guess it just seems so much more real seeing all the parts formed. No more peanut shaped blob here, we're all complete, 2 arms, 2 legs, a little nose and the cutest little feet and toes showed up on the screen. The baby was breech so we were unable to see what the gender is, hopefully in the next few weeks it'll shift and i'll know whether to start sewing and crafting for a boy or a girl. Which leads me to the list. Yes, it's growing daily with all the projects I have high asperations for completing in the next 5 months. So far i've mentally committed to completing the following:

The list:

Nursing cover
Wipes case
Crib Bumper (Amy Butler pattern)
Matching Pillows
Mobile (bird?)
Crib skirt
Burping clothes
Paci clips
Fabric shoes
Appliqued onsies
Car seat/stroller cover
Car seat strap covers
Gumdrop pillow for nursery (Amy Butler pattern)
Birdie Sling Bag (Amy Butler pattern)

Wow, I better get busy huh? I can't wait to get started! For now i'll leave you with this, and post some more pics later.