September 27, 2011

recent loves

I think i'm getting sick, ugh... Bring on the EmergenC and Zicam! I really hope I'm not getting sick because this is the WORST week ever to be under the weather. I have to finish sewing 6 more dresses, 10 headbands, and 6 pairs of babylegs by the end of the week...shoot me now.

Onto other things, I recently came across the blog Elements of Style, and got sucked into a 2 day non-stop blog reading fest. I couldn't help myself but read back over a year in Erin's posts. Her writing is witty, hilariously funny, and her sense of style is spot on. 

Now my design style is somewhere in between Pottery Barn/Vintage/Luxe/Modern and, that really narrowed it down eh? Really I just love all type of styles and decor and am drawn to just plain beautiful things! Even before I got stuck on Elements of Style, I've always been a a fan of geometric designs (hello lattice/greek key/chevron). I thought today I'd share a few personal/home decor things I'm loving right now.

First, I've been using the stationary below for quite some time. I love it. So fresh and modern, it really does make me smile when I write a note onto one of these bad boys.
my personal stationary via shutterfly
Second, I had to return something at Bath and Body Works (the smelly car air freshener scent thingy, which didn't work very well) and while I was there I saw this AMAZING candle holder. Seriously?! When did BBW start making chic candle holders? They never had anything this fashion forward when I worked there...I snagged this one for $5 (yes, $5!!!).

The next item is a lucite tray. Basically from what I gather is that lucite is really just acrylic (read: plastic). Now maybe I'm missing something, but why is it that an acrylic tray costs $50-$200?!! I'm going to hunt one of these down somewhere, and DIY myself one of these monogramed trays. Mark my word.
lucite tray via iomoi
Last but not least meet Chevron's trendy and exotic cousin, Ikat. Ikat has been seen around for a while now, and while searching around for some new throw pillows for our bed I thought this print would be perfect. While I do like Chevron, it seems every other person on the face of the earth (or at least Pinterest) likes Chevron too. I ordered a yard of this black + ivory ikat print which I'll make some pillows for the bed from, and I think it's a little more chic and exotic than your standard design.
black + white ikat pillow via kassapanola

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