September 25, 2011

insta-friday (on sunday) part 2

Thanks for bearing with me while I play catch up with my instagrams. :)
on my way to girls night out

little lady

family photo

blue eyes

our "love fern" after 4 long years, it finally bit the dust! :(

leopard print compact umbrella, print OBSESSED

chic candle holder

vintage baby

party time!

previously aforementioned party

my dear friend's son Xavier's baptism

life rearranged


  1. "Love fern" Ha!! Love it. Our last name is Krull, so we got a lot of Krull the Warrior King after that :)

  2. Believe it or not that plant was given to us by my mother in law right after we got married 4 years ago. Its usually very resilient, but it finally "let go" this past week. So funny about the name! Thanks for stopping by. :)