September 22, 2011

exciting news + treasurys

Hello! It's been a few days since i've posted, but for good reason! I've been sewing like a mad lady over here. Along with taking care of little lady that's been eating up 99.99% of my time.

Why have I been sewing like crazy lately you ask? Well, I've been collaborating with another local designer (and boutique owner) on a fall line of children's clothing. (Eek! Very exciting!) Everything is uniquely designed, handmade and sold in an actual retail store. Doesn't that sound like fun? It is!

I have been doing a few side projects amongst the crazy clothing line sewing however. I have a few things up my sleeve to share, but you'll just have to be patient and come back often for those. 

Until then some more happy news, Etsy Treasury features! I always feel so giddy when I've been picked for a Treasury. It feels kinda like an honor, especially when you're alongside such amazing other sellers/items. Here are a few recents featuring the Garden Bloom Felt Crown and the Plush Tag Toy Birdies. Give a click and check out all the amazing finds.
"The Journey to Oz" by littlehouseofcolor
"Tag -You're It!" by woodstreamdream

"Birds, Birds, Birds" by craftshackdesign

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