April 1, 2011

{find a friend friday - link up! week 7}

Hi Friends! Welcome to Week 7 of Find a Friend Friday. Alissa and I are so happy you stopped by! This week we thought it would be fun to link up a fun spring craft you've been working on or your homemade shop. We are having so much fun featuring a new shop each week and would love to continue to find more. So if you're interested in being featured in the future, don't forget to link up. Alissa and I are going to link up our shops too this week since we feature the party on our blogs each week.

This week we are so excited to be featuring Jennifer from Always in Wonder Creations

1.Tell us about yourself.
Okay, here I go...I'm a wife and a stay at home mom to two amazing littles. My son is two years old, he has Hydrocephalus, and is a crazy spitfire type of kid.  My daughter is 8 months old, a whopping 23 lbs., and still refuses to eat any type of baby food. (This makes me stressed and tired.)  I have an amazing, go with the flow, loves me like no one's business, type husband.  Seriously, he's awesome and I feel really blessed to be his wife.  I feel like we're different in so many ways, but we see eye to eye on everything that counts-God, our commitment to our marriage, our love for our kids, and finances.  Things I love in no particular order: music, food, taking pictures, being crafty, making new friends, movie nights with my man, Chipotle, road trips, knowing completely random trivia type facts, sappy, make you want to cry type shows/movies, and hearing my son say he not only loves me, but he likes me too. 
2. Tell us a little about your shop.
I just started my shop a few weeks ago, maybe it's been a month now? My shop is the bomb diggity. Ha, no...but it's pretty cool. Right now I make and sell jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces...One day I would like to add other items to my shop, other stuff I like making like home decor items, but that's probably a long ways off.  I really love making different pieces and try hard to create things people would want to wear. 
3. How did your shop name come to be?
My shop name, Always In Wonder Creations, came from my blog, Always In Wonder. I've had the same email address of Always In Wonder since I was just out of high school, so over 10 years now. When I started my blog I wanted a name I liked and a name that might encompass everything my blog would or could be about. So I snagged Always In Wonder before anyone else did. :p
4. What got you started with your craft,and selling your items?
 I started my shop like I start most projects, spontaneously and without a clue what I'm doing. :) I started seeing all kinds of jewelry I really liked and thought to myself, "You can do that! Why aren't you doing that?"  I talked to my husband about my idea and he was very supportive (told you he was great. don't be jealous.). The very next day, after signing up on Etsy, I went and bought supplies to start making some of the bracelets I sell.
5. Favorite part of your day?
In the evenings when my husband comes home. I finally have some back up and help with the crazy kiddos. :)  I get to take some time to be with him and the kids, but then I also get a little break to catch up on emails, blogging, and projects.
6. What food or food group would you refuse to live without?
 I would refuse to live without Chipotle! Seriously addicted over here.  I guess it's considered Mexican? I don't know, I just love everything there. Yum.

7. Where can we find you?
Blog: Always In Wonder http://www.alwaysinwonder.com
Twitter: @alwaysnwonder

Linky Party Rules:
1. We'd love for you to follow or RSS subscribe to Abstract Grace, Rags To Stitches and Always in Wonder
2. Meet some new friends and leave some love on their page

Have fun! The party ends on Monday.

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