April 7, 2011

{pottery barn easter egg filler knockoff tutorial-part 3}

 Ok, as promised here is the tutorial on how to recreate the Easter Egg Filler from Pottery Barn's easter catalogue. Its not that hard, and not nearly close to the $19 cost of the actual ones, but with all the same goodness of the real thing.
Step 1:
Gather your faux eggs (I used paper mache ones I found at a local boutique, they were sold in packages of 6 for $2.95). Spray paint your eggs white. Make sure you cover them really well, so they have no underlying color visible (this may take a few coats).

Step 2:
Print out "HAPPY EASTER" onto plain white copy paper. I used the font "Attic" at 140 pt. You can download the font for free here. Cut out each letter. It's ok if you have a bit of the white edge around the letter, once you put it on the egg it'll blend in. 

Step 3:
I used Mod Podge attach the paper letters to the egg. (If you're unfamiliar with the product or any decoupaging medium just read the back of the package for full instructions). Once the lettering is dry cover the face of the egg and the letter with the Mod Podge to seal everything.
 That's it! Your done! Now just use it in a glass container for decoration, or you can attach ribbons and hang them from branches as a centerpiece (i'll be doing that closer to Easter). Hope you all enjoy this project, the total cost (I already had the Mod Podge and printer access) is about $6.00, that's less than half of the Pottery Barn price tag. 

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