April 22, 2011

{Pottery Barn Ceramic Easter Bunnies-knock off}

You're probably thinking, TWO posts in one day?! Yep, today is a special day, not only do you get your weekly Find A Friend Friday post, BUT you also get another great PB knock-off! Yay for Friday! 

Honestly though, I have a few other Easter projects that I've had in the works, and well...there's just not enough day's to showcase them all, sooo...you'll be getting them all crammed into the next two days. :)

For some reason I've really been enjoying the Pottery Barn Easter Decor this year. It just seems so classic, clean and timeless. Here's a few photos of the Glazed Ceramic Bunnies from this year (which are now sold out according to the PB website). 

When I first saw these I knew I could duplicate them, so I searched high and low for quite a few weeks at the thrift store for the right ceramic bunnies. When I found a matching pair, they were painted matte white, with black eyes, and black dotted whiskers. I picked up a .96 cent can of glossy white spray paint at my local hardware store and went to town spraying the duo. I had to do several light layers (i'd say at least 5) to get them covered completely. Make sure you let each layer dry before doing the next. 

Let them dry thoroughly, and there you have it! An almost identical match to the PB glazed bunnies. If you want a more high gloss to them you could take a high gloss clear coat and spray them, but I think the glossy white paint is enough. 

I love the way they look, and the were SOOO easy to duplicate.  I can't wait to see them with the whole easter table set up and am going to look forward to pulling these timeless little guys out every year. 

Come back tomorrow to see two more easter projects, and don't forget to link up to Find A Friend Friday- Week 10!

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  1. Love the way these turned out!