April 4, 2011

{pottery barn knock off pillows}

Pottery Barn, ahhh...the catalog I love browsing through a million times, wishing I could afford things from. So when a friend recently asked if I wanted to do a little project with her inspired by something from the catalog of course how could I say no?  

Our inspiration came from the ever popular Pottery Barn monogram pillows and numbered pillows. Except that we are both on a budget and didn't want to pay the PB price, we're more of Ikea price kinda girls.
Our adventure started with a trip to Ikea where we each picked up two white pillow covers. The covers measured 20x20 inches but we decided to go with the 26x26 inch Ikea pillow forms instead of the 20x20 inch ones. We both agreed that we like our pillows "fluffier" and after cramming one of the larger inserts into the cover, we both agreed that the larger was more flattering.

Then we made our own templates. Easy to do in any word processing software or photoshop. (We did ours in photoshop) After printing out the letters and designs on card stock, and cutting them out with x-acto knives, we taped the stencils onto the pillow covers using blue painters tape (be sure to stick a piece of cardboard in between your layers to prevent bleeding). Then we went to work painting the stencils with black fabric paint. Easy, easy, easy!

Photos courtesy brooketrogdon.com
Cute eh? It was a great project to do, and it got me thinking that I really need to try my hand at knocking off some other Pottery Barn items, so be on the lookout for those...I already have a few in the works. 

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