August 6, 2011

{products I love- lipstick}

Most of what I share here on the blog is craft/sewing/project related. Rarely do I mention things I love, my style, or any real personal likes/dislikes. Well, I love makeup/beauty products and fashion, and I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite beauty items with you. Hopefully it encourages you to step out of your regular makeup routine and try something new, red lipstick! (I promise it's not that scary). 
black + white striped shirt, red lips and tortoise shades
This summer I'm loving red lipstick! It's a classic look and makes any outfit feel finished and pulled together. You can use it to play up vintage or modern fashion senses; it really is a versatile staple!

My go to shade this summer has been Lady Bug my MAC. It's a lustre formula so it's the perfect combo of matte and gloss. A ever so slight sheen that wears beautifully. It has a slight (I mean slight) orange tint which I prefer to the deeper reds, again, great for summer (but perfect for year round!). 

I know a lot of people are worried about pulling red lipstick off. The key is really to get a shade that compliments your skin tone, I'd suggest going to the MAC counter and trying a few shades on. Once you play around with a few shades you'll immediately be able to tell which gives you the "street walker" look and which is the perfect match. 

Also, keep in mind that when wearing red lipstick you should keep your other makeup subtle. You want to play up your lips, so don't do a heavy eye makeup, keep everything else light. I like simple black liquid eyeliner + mascara, and a touch of bronzer when I decide to do a red lip.

So step outside of your comfort zone and try some red lipstick! Once you find the "perfect match" you'll swear by it! Promise!
MAC Lady Bug lustre lipstick

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