August 3, 2011

{Sewing For Fall - Cap Sleeve Tunic + Headband}

We've been lucky this year in Northern California to have a mild summer. Temps here can reach into the 100's for weeks at a time. Instead of blistering heat we've been treated to temps in the 80's and low 90's most of the summer. I'm hoping this mild weather transitions into Fall earlier than normal this year. In preparation for the next season I've been sewing up a few things for Ella. I've decided I'd like to make a majority of her pieces this Fall and buy her just basics/staples. Below is the first completed item in the Fall wardrobe, a cap sleeve tunic and headband. 
I was brave and didn't use a pattern for the top. In my braveness I had to cut and resew the sleeves twice, frustrating yes, but I guess thats what you get for "winging" it. It's your basic peasant top except that I cut the sleeves a tad shorter to make them capped, and I omitted the elastic from them. This top is more like a tunic as is hits Ella below the hip. It'll be perfect with tights and leggings or over jeans. 
If you want to make one and don't want to wing it, this pattern and this pattern are similar.  The headband is just a mismatch of felt flowers glued to an elastic headband (you could also use 1/4" elastic. 
I think the whole thing turned out so cute! I've since refined my non pattern using skills and whipped up a few other pieces for fall. I'll share those soon!

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  1. This is awesome!!!!! Great job....I just sewed my first handbag :))