August 4, 2011

{play crowns!!!}

Often for me new projects come out of necessity. I'm constantly sewing for my little one, gifts for others, myself, for friends little ones, etc. I often try new ideas and try to put my own spin on classics. These play crowns came from the need for a birthday gift for a special soon to be 3 year old. I thought that she'd enjoy dressing up and pretend playing while wearing a unique accessory. The response I got was so sweet, I was encouraged to put a few up in the shop (HERE is the listing). So, if your little one wants a sweet dress up/imaginative play item they can have one too! 
Don't fret, boy crowns coming soon! 

Ella is modeling it here, but it has a nice cased elastic at the back so it's sure to fit them for years. Size wise, I'd say it fits 12 months to adult. (I can stretch it over my head). If you'd like to see a few other angles you can check out more pics of it HERE.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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