August 10, 2011

Online Fabric Guide

I get most of my fabric from a small handful of places. The majority I buy online, but when I can't wait (need it for a rush order, etc.) there are only two places around town I shop at. I just got two packages this week with beautiful fabrics in them, and I thought it would be fun to share exactly what I'm shopping for these days.

My favorite in the bunch is the Kokka Japanese Bear Friend Fabric. As soon as I opened it I kicked myself for not ordering more (and it was on sale, what was I thinking?!!!). It's just so adorable! The little bears, the girl, the apples, the's a great print! I've been thinking about what I'd like to use it for, but then I get sad thinking that I may run out. I have a feeling i'll be sitting on this 1/2 yard for a while mustering up the courage to actually use it.

The other fabrics I just scooped up on sale as additions to my fabric collection. I rarely buy fabrics that are full price unless I LOVE them and know that they will sell out fast.

These are some of my favorite places on the web to buy fabrics:

Sew, Mama, Sew!
Girl Charlee Fabrics 
Hawthorne Threads

Around town I shop at:

Beverly's Fabrics
Joann's Fabrics

I was just introduced to Girl Charlee Fabrics from Rebeka at Artsy-Crafty-Babe. She mentioned using them for the first time and liking the shop, so after reading her post I headed over to the site to check it out. That's where I scooped up the Kokka Bear fabric and the Baby Nay Stripes (in the sale section). Good recommendation Rebeka! Thanks!

Am I missing any other great fabric sites? Where are you buying your fabric from these days? Please share!

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