October 19, 2010

{zippered pillow covers}

Every sewer wonders what to do with scraps. Little leftovers that you can't bare to part with. For me it was getting to the point where I needed to find a way to use some of them. I had a few pillow forms laying around {making covers for them had been on my 'to do' list for over a year!} and I decided to make a few patchwork covers for them. I went with a pink theme, and a blue theme, and as for the smallest pillow? I used a solid pattern fabric and put a pink ribbon ruffle across the middle.
You can see in the picture above that I patch worked the front of the covers and the back I used co-ordinating solid prints. I also installed zippers in all three covers so that they can be washed and changed out for a new look.

I love zippers. I love the idea that you can take things off and on with them, I love how they hide in the seam, I love how they make items look professional, I love items that the maker thought enough of to install them in, however, I do not love installing zippers. That was until I came across this tutorial from Design Sponge.

I first used the tutorial back when I made a small throw pillow for Ella's nursery. Seriously, this tutorial changed my life! Who would have thought that installing zippers could be so easy? For the longest time not me, that's for sure. But they are, and you all should try a project that involves installing a zipper.

And another small piece of advice, check out your local thrift store for zippers. My local store has a notions/craft area and I ALWAYS walk out of there with a handful of zippers for about 20 cents a piece. Just another reason to love zippers! Ok, onto the pillows:
Blue/Green Scheme
Pink/Orange Scheme
Ribbon Ruffle Pillow

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