October 14, 2010

{bunting, bunting!}

Here's a quick peek at some bunting I've been working on. It's decoration for the boutique in November and should look darling on the table. The concept in making it is very simple. Triangles sewed right sides together, turned right sides out, pressed, top stitched {not necessary, but I did it for extra structure if it needs to be washed} then sew some ribbon/bias tape/seam binding etc, to the top of them. If you would like to follow a tutorial with pictures there is a basic one here. Mind you, I did not put any letters on my triangles, I just left them plain. Once it's all finished, I'll share the final product.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this, i'm in the middle of making my "happy birthday banner" for boys and girls. This is darling!