October 18, 2010

{covered wipes boxes-the greatest invention ever}

I've been sewing and crafting like crazy lately getting prepared for the Crossline Church Fall Boutique in Laguna Hills, CA in November. I'll have more details on that to come. I've been experimenting with some new products, and this is one of them! The padded wipes box! We've all seen the wipes clutches {here's a great tutorial and pattern for making your own} before, and they are great, but how about a padded re-useable wipes box for the nursery that matches the rooms decor/theme?

These wipes boxes are great because not only are they cute, but you can save money by buying economy boxes of refills (think Costco) and putting them into your box. Ahhh! I love them! I have one sitting on Ella's changing table and I love looking at it while I change her {i'll have to snap a pic of the one in her room so you can all see it in action}. They would also work great as a tissue box once wipes are no longer needed, or just order one as a tissue box with home decor fabric to match the living room, bathroom, etc.
The box on the bottom is not finished. It will have another round of trim at the bottom.
These would make a great baby shower/house warming gift. Unique and personalized to match the recipients taste/decor. Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE that tattoo fabric? It's perfect for a boy, or girl. :)
Of course the top still opens and snaps closed. It was important to me to keep that function because of the convenience factor. No one wants to add any unnecessary time/hassle during a poopy diaper change. If these sell well at the boutique I'll be adding a few to the shop, and if you're interested in one now, custom or otherwise you can always email me about price and ordering one.

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