October 25, 2010

{camera strap cover & gifts}

On my list of 'to dos' has been sewing up a camera strap cover for my trusty Nikon. This is a great project to do for the avid picture taker in the family {hm...think Christmas gift?}, or if you happen to have an amazing photographer friend who needs a little something for her camera. Well what do you know, I happen to have exactly that {the photographer friend that is}. Since these take no time at all to make in addition to sewing up one for my little camera, I made one for her as well.

The great thing about camera strap covers is that they are a very easy project {think beginner sewer}, take no time at all to do, and the impact is big. They really do make your camera look nicer. Speaking of cameras, please excuse the picture below, it was taken with my iPhone as I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of the camera strap while it was attached to me/the camera, without me being in the picture, and seeing as I didn't put any makeup on today, there was no way I was going to be in the picture.

The long teal and pink one is for Brooke at Harmony Hill Photography. The premise of the whole thing is pretty simple, but if you're looking for a tutorial there is a very easy to follow one here. I only put fusible fleece on one side of the strap as to cut down on bulk. Like the tutorial I also made mine reversible, with two different patterns, one on each side. You can play around with this basic idea a lot, adding a ruffle ribbon, patchwork the top {a great way to get rid of extra scraps of fabric}, add ribbons and trims down the middle, the options are endless.

Here it is all packaged up and ready to be mailed out to her. I hope she enjoys it!

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  1. You know I love it! I'm your biggest fan, and thanks fir the shout out! Your amazingly talented!