October 26, 2010

{"e is for ella"- making my own jewelry}

So at my weekly MOPS {"mothers of preschoolers"} group we do a craft and this week we made necklaces. We also had the option of buying our own metal stamping kit, and we all know I couldn't pass that offer up! We stamped metal washers from the hardware store and while that was fun, it wasn't enough for me. I swung by my local bead shop and got a few metal stamping rounds made for jewelry {I rarely wear jewelry from the hardware store these days :) }.
I already had a small "E" charm necklace that I wear representing Ella, and decided to marry the two together. So, I went stamping away with Ella June's name. {*Stamping on metal takes a little practice, so if you do try it make sure you do a few trial runs before stamping on your good charms and disks.} Then I attached the stamped round and "E" charm to a jump ring and the chain.
It turned out so well that as soon as I shared it among friends I had several requests for other personalized ones. Metal stamping is really great fun, not to mention a good stress reliever.

If you're interested in metal stamping check out the Beaducation website. They have video tutorials that are really helpful, and an amazing selection of metal stamping tools.

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  1. I was admiring Brooke's necklace yesterday; it's very cool. I love that it's a bit antique/traditional in sentiment and yet very hip in style.