March 12, 2011

{ta da!}

Remember the baby shower I helped out with from 400 miles away? Well I was sent a few pics of how everything turned out. Super cute! You can re-read the original post HERE, see the invite, water bottle labels and even download the cupcake toppers for FREE! 

Cute huh?! If you do use the toppers, please send pics! You can email me directly (see contact in the sidebar) or leave a link in the comments section. 

1 comment:

  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! At my old job we had water bottles for customers and we had to remove the labels and put company stickers on them. I protested because if you left the label on you could easily recycle them for 5 cents so mine always looked super ghetto with the brand label and then a sticker over half of it. Yours look much cuter!