December 30, 2009

{Projects: Burp Cloths}

Ok, the next little project I made for Brooke's gift bag was patterned burp cloths. Sure they get spit up on, wipe snotty noses and clean grubby little hands, but at least doing that stuff with something cute is bound to keep your spirits high in the midst of all the...ahem, uncleanliness.

I could post a tutorial on how to make this (believe me it's simple) but i'll spare myself the work and link you to a tutorial that's already done (and so easy to follow). Plus, it has pictures, and tutorials with pictures are a good thing.

This tutorial is courtesy of Chick Pea Studios, and you can view it here.

1 comment:

  1. Nice tutorial, i have two toddlers and i just always worried about thier dirty hands and running nose. Thanks for this tutorial now i will sew these bags.

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