December 10, 2009

{Baby On the Brain}

Ok, so lately all i've been thinking about is BABY! We just had our 16 week ultrasound appointment and got to see our little one squirming around. It actually looks like a real baby! (What else it would look like, i'm not so sure). I guess it just seems so much more real seeing all the parts formed. No more peanut shaped blob here, we're all complete, 2 arms, 2 legs, a little nose and the cutest little feet and toes showed up on the screen. The baby was breech so we were unable to see what the gender is, hopefully in the next few weeks it'll shift and i'll know whether to start sewing and crafting for a boy or a girl. Which leads me to the list. Yes, it's growing daily with all the projects I have high asperations for completing in the next 5 months. So far i've mentally committed to completing the following:

The list:

Nursing cover
Wipes case
Crib Bumper (Amy Butler pattern)
Matching Pillows
Mobile (bird?)
Crib skirt
Burping clothes
Paci clips
Fabric shoes
Appliqued onsies
Car seat/stroller cover
Car seat strap covers
Gumdrop pillow for nursery (Amy Butler pattern)
Birdie Sling Bag (Amy Butler pattern)

Wow, I better get busy huh? I can't wait to get started! For now i'll leave you with this, and post some more pics later.

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  1. Good luck with that, ha! I only managed to make a baby quilt, lot's of burp cloths and lot's of bibs. I wanted to make so much more. Lot's of that can also be done once baby arrives. Maybe if you don't finish you should etsy a little : )