January 2, 2010

{Projects: Paci Clip}

Tutorial #3, is the paci clip. Mom's everywhere swear by these little leashes for keeping pacifiers off the floor, out from under the couch, and readily available for when they fall from baby's tiny mouth. I've already made a few using different ribbons, and they are so cute!

The supplies for these are not things you probably just have lying around your craft room, but I found everything I needed at Joann's. Today's tutorial comes from Little Birdie Secrets. In this tutorial they use velcro for the "non-clip" side, where I opted to use a snap (see picture). The snaps can be bought at most craft and sewing stores, and are easy to put on. I chose the snap because it holds better than velcro, and when baby starts grabbing and pulling, the snap will be tougher for little hands to rip off.

Another great thing about using snaps (and their durability) is that you can use these little leashes for not only binkies but toys too. Just attach to baby's favorite stuffy and you're sure not to lose it in the stroller, highchair, car seat, etc.

Tutorial via Little Birdie Secrets: here.

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  1. Cute little gift pack you made here. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!