December 23, 2009

{Projects: Washcloths}

Ok, first off is a rather simple project--washcloths. I never thought of making my own washcloths until I stumbled upon them one day while browsing Etsy. Etsy is such a great place for getting ideas. When I started thinking about washcloths (deep, I know) I realized that I don't really have any that I like, er..say, stand out to me enough to think twice about them. Washcloths don't really come in cute or fancy patterns, but are usually a rather dull square of terrycloth. In my opinion...Boring! If you can cut a piece of fabric into a square and can sew a straight line using a sewing machine then you're well on your way to making some attractive washcloths.

For these which I included with Brooke's gift I used chenille and cotton. The chenille I got on sale at Joann's Fabrics for %50 off, and the cotton I used was plain quilting cotton from a Michael Miller line. After pricing them out they cost merely cents to make. Ok, cute and cheap...I like it!

I don't have a tutorial per say for this project, but it's so easy I'm sure you can follow directions without pictures.

1. cut (1) 7.5" inch square of chenille.
2. cut (1) 7.5" inch square of patterned cotton.
3. match squares up right sides together. This means that the backsides of each of the fabrics are on the outsides.
4. pin around to hold in place.
5. sew 1.4" around the whole square leaving a 2" inch opening.
6. turn your square right side out.
7. fold in the 2" inch opening and pin closed.
8. top stitch 1.4" inch around the square. topstitching is just sewing on top of your finished good. (Topstitching helps with durability, gives a finished look to your item and will close the opening you left.)
9. you're done!

The finished washcloth will be 7x7 inches. Perfect for using yourself, or on a little one!

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