December 21, 2009

{Project: Gifts!}

My friend Brooke is just weeks away from having a little baby boy! I'm so excited for her, and decided to make up some things to help welcome baby Evan into the world. Over the next few days i'll post the individual items and the links to the tutorials I used to create them. To start the gift giving off I have a blue tag from Bake It Pretty with a note on one side and a short poem on the other.

"Oh the things you'll need most everyday...these will help with the messes along the way"

The items I made include most of the things I've been planning to make for my own upcoming addition from The List I've been compiling and blogged about recently. It was a good opportunity to do a run through of the tutorials before I really start cranking some of these things out.
For Brooke I made: 1 wipes case, 4 washcloths, 3 burp cloths, 2 paci clips, 2 bibs, and the cutest little stuffed owl. I'll share the specifics soon and the tutorials I used to make them. Here are some pics of the goodies all tied with ribbon.

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  1. I love it all! I'm so excited to see the owl. I made one a bit ago and love him. He's right up there with turtles (another favorite to make). I'm getting some wool felt for christmas, i can't wait.