December 12, 2011

holiday chevron stamp tag tutorial

The holidays are here! I've slowly been crossing things off my to-do list for the season and there are lots more things to do before Christmas arrives. I've been wanting to try my hand at making my own stamps using a ridiculously easy method and decided to give it a go and do some holiday gift tags. They turned out really cute! Here's how I did it:
Puff Paint (any color)
Cardboard or other flat hard surface
Shipping tags
Ink pad
Step 1:
Draw your design on your card board with the puff paint. You can draw out your design first with pen if you'd like. I just freehanded a zig zag design.
*Remember if you do any lettering in needs to be backwards so when you stamp it it shows up reading correctly.
Step 2:
Once your design is dry blot your ink pad on the puff paint design which is now your "stamp."
Step 3:
Press on your shipping tag just like you would a stamp. That's it! Your done!
I had a "happy holidays" stamp (that I didn't make) which I added to my tags. And of course don't forget to add a ribbon or string for attaching to your gifts.
Happy Holidays!


  1. Cool! I've never seen this method for making a stamp. BTW, as a Pixie Dust follower, you are invited to pop over & enter a giveaway for an awesome clock. Good luck & thanks for reading!

    Warmly, Michelle