December 8, 2011

fun facts

Here are some things you may not know about me:

1. I'm naturally blonde, but dye my hair dark.

2. I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications/Journalism, and a Masters Degree in Business/Marketing.

3. I'm ambidexterious. I write with my right hand and eat/use a knife/kick a ball with my left.

4. My husband is 10 years older than I am. We got married when I was 21 and he was 31!

5. My husband works in the music industry and was in a band. I got to travel a lot. :)

6. My first job was as a lifeguard/swim instructor. I did it for 8 years.

7. I have VERY curly hair. You'd never know because I blow it out and straighten it almost exclusively.

8. I've had the same two best friends since 2nd grade. Almost 20 years!

9. Mexican food is my FAV, I never pass up a burrito.

10. I can say my ABC's backwards.

Now that you know a little more about me, how about you? Leave a comment with a little known fact about yourself, i'd love to get to know you better. 


  1. You're so lucky that you still have the same best friends after all those years. :) Something about me, I eat a banana every single morning for breakfast. The day isn't the same if for some crazy reason we don't have any and I have to eat something else.

  2. i only like even numbers. i also almost always straighten my hair. i've had the same best friend for 16 years. :)

  3. I love this!
    Let's see here-- I'm currently OBSESSED with leggings. LOL I'm Gluten Free My husband and I both work for the USPS Fall is my favorite time of the year :)

  4. This was awesome, really great! I love getting to know bloggers better! I've loved your blog for quite some time now, so this was fun to read.
    Hmmm me? Let's see...
    I haven't dyed my hair in 3 years, (I've been dying for about 15 years), I never liked my natural color by now it's growing on me (no pun intended)
    I use a heating pad every single day
    i've met and worked with Prince
    and I love Lipstick
    (those are just a few I could think of that were remotely interesting for now)LOL
    I think I'll so somethin like this on my blog soon!

  5. @Amy- I love bananas too!

    @Andrea, Fall is also my favorite time of the year!

    @Gina, thats so cool you used to work with Prince! My husband works in the music industry so we get to meet fun people too!

  6. Hmm.....
    I can touch my tongue to my nose =)
    I know Pi to 10 decimal places.
    I have highlighted my hair for the last 2 yrs.
    I am totally in love with Cinnabon right now. (Such a bad thing to be in love with!)

  7. Love these kinds of posts! Just stopping in for the first nice to learn a little about you. :)

  8. Beautiful Eyes and pretty look. Lovely posting so thanks