November 1, 2011

wiww-halloween night

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Halloween is sadly over, our bellies are full of candy, and we're onto thinking about turkey, pie, christmas trees, and presents. Halloween night was great fun though, Ella got the concept more this year and enjoyed trick or treating for candy. 
Here is Ella and her BFF Ali. Ali was Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz. Well, if you asked her what she was she'd say she was "Dorfy".

The night before Halloween we decorated pumpkins (I'll share those tomorrow) and I whipped up a quick costume for myself. A felt crown with feathers, vintage buttons, trims and beads, it was a quick last minute DIY but turned out really cute!
I'm linking up our Halloween outfits this week to WIWW.


  1. Hi, Laura

    I just love your pictures of you and your family. I wanted to let you know I have pass a long an award to you. Stop by my blog and just copy and paste to your blog. Have a great week.