November 24, 2011

wedding rings


I hope everyone is stuffing their bellies and eating lots of pie today! Today I'm remembering how thankful I am for the many blessings in my life. Awesome husband, beyond amazing daughter, family, new friends + old friends, new beginnings, and an amazing God. I'm thankful to Him everyday, not just today.

On a lighter note i'm thankful for being able to wear my wedding rings again! After all the pregnancy swelling, ring resizing and this little hiccup i've been without them for most of the last year and a half. Read on for the whole story.


I was really, really bummed when I stopped into a local jewelry store to have my rings cleaned a few months ago and the man wouldn't even clean them for me. He handed them back to me in a small bag and said I shouldn't even be wearing my solitaire engagement ring because the prongs needed to be tightened and he didn't want to risk the diamond falling out (he said it was very loose). Talk about heart attack! 

This summer while my bestie and I were selling at the Thursday night markets she looked down at her ring and noticed one of the smaller diamonds was missing. She about had a panic attack, and we searched the cobblestone streets the rest of the night looking for the diamond. Thank goodness her ring was under warranty and insured, so she had it fixed up no problem, but sheesh, that was a scary episode!

Needless to say after her incident I didn't take any chances and I kept them in the tiny bag and went without them for the last few months.

The problem is that we bought the rings from a jeweler out of town and haven't been able to make the 2 hour drive to get them serviecd. Finally this weekend we drove down to see friends who happen to live in the same town (yay!). After dropping my rings off for an hour or so they were as good as new. It feels so good to have them both back on my hand! 


  1. I know how ya feel---I cant wear mine to work! So I feel like i dont get to wear mine enough--only on my days off! Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend! <3

  2. happy thanksgiving! and that ring is absolutely gorgeous :)

  3. Oh wow!! Can't imagine losing a piece of my ring! That would be scary!!! Glad yours are now back where they belong!!