October 4, 2011

what i wore wednesday

Hello! Today I'm sharing some recent purchases for my Fall wardrobe, and a few styling ideas I'm excited to try this Fall. I'm also linking up to What I Wore Wednesday, so if you're visiting from there, Hello! Welcome! Follow (on the sidebar) and be sure to leave a comment I'd love to say "hi"!

Allotrope Shorts via Anthropologie
Ok, First off let me tell you, I am NOT a shorts person. Mostly because of the fact that I was born with short stubby legs (think complete opposite as the lovely lean model in the pic above), so I just don't care for wearing them. However, I saw these in the store and the pattern first caught my eye, then the fabric (it's very soft and comfy), and lastly it's elastic waist, hellooo comfortable! I thought that I'd branch out of my normal "non-short-wearing" regime and give them a try with tights/legging for fall. Then at least no one will be forced to see my pasty white legs, plus I think they'd look great with boots or clogs (note to self: get clogs). So i'm thinking that these shorts might not be a total failure, I'll let you know.

Black Gloss Hunter Wellies
Ok, I'm reaaaalllyyyy excited about these. I haven't officially got them in the mail yet (c'mon Zappos!) but they should be on my doorstep just in time for the rain we're supposed to get this week. I've wanted a pair of Hunter wellies for-ev-er, and i've been saving my pennies to get them. Finally, they're mine! I know they're kind of a splurge for rain boots, but they are amazingly chic and serve a good purpose. Good enough reasons for me! Lets just hope there are no funny sizing issues and I don't have to send them back.
leopard print scarf via h&m

Lastly, I've been on the lookout for leopard print accessories. I already scored an amazing umbrella a few weeks back, and when I came across this beauty at H&M I quickly scooped it up. I never was a huge animal print fan, but since I hit 25 i've been oddly attracted to it in small quantities. (Think shoes, purses, accessories).

So that's it for this week. I'm also linking up my new wardrobe additions to Real Momma, Real Style. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Those shorts are adorable... I think they would be great with tights. :)

  2. LOVE that scarf and the Hunters, of course :)

  3. love your purchases. Those shorts are amazing and pair them with tights and those hunter boots, DARLING!
    Great blog...stopping by from pleated poppy

  4. I would love to get a pair of Hunter's too! Can you tell us how comfortable they are when you get them and if they are really worth the money? I just found you today from WIWW. :)

  5. @Susan,
    I'll def let you know how the Hunters work out!

  6. umm, those shorts are fabulous!! and i need to get me some hunter's. i feel like i'm the only one that's behind!
    xo TJ