October 20, 2011

apple hill + halloween outfit

As soon as October hits and there is the slightest feeling of Fall in the air everyone in Northern California gears up to head out to Apple Hill. Never mind that it's still 85 degrees outside, if the apple pie, apple butter, apple donuts, apple-you-name-it is being made then then we consider Fall among us. 

Apple Hill is a tradition around these parts. Basically, its just a group of 20+ apple orchards that open up for the Fall for apple picking, craft vendors, yummy apple baked goods, pumpkin patches and an all around good time. Each farm is different and offers different things, some more kid/family friendly with attractions and tractor rides and some are just for apple picking. 

Yesterday I ignored that it was 77 degrees out and dressed Ella in her Halloween outfit for our trip up to Apple Hill, because c'mon now I spent all that time making it and it's almost Halloween and she hasn't worn the getup once. Sorry Ella if you were sweating through that black shirt. All in the name of fashion, right?

I'm going to share the ruffle pumpkin shirt tutorial next Monday, but it's such a quick project you'll have no time getting it done before the 31st. Plus, it's a pretty basic Fall design so you should be able to carry on the wearing of it until Thanksgiving rolls around.

The ruffle pants are my favorite part of the outfit. Those I made with some fabric I picked up in the remnants section at the fabric store (yay for cheap!). Travis calls them her halloween bell bottoms, I call them just plain adorable. 

 (In case you were wondering about her bow, it was leftover from last years halloween bows I had in the shop). 


  1. wow so cute baby . beautiful dress and lovely smile .

  2. Oh, I love Apple Hill. I still have to go this fall! :) (I took my parents there, when they were visiting, in August and we stopped at some of the vineyards.... most apple orchards were still closed.

    P.S. Supercute outfit that Ella is wearing :)

  3. @ San, You're in N. CA? Where at? We live close!

  4. I grew up in Sacramento, and yes, apple hill was always an annual outing. Yumm, now I am hungry for warm apple fritters and fresh pressed cider..lol

  5. @StephD I could go for some apple fritters and cider about now too. Thanks for stopping by. :)