October 4, 2011

sewing for fall: easy leggings

Between the millions of other sewing projects I have going on right now, I've managed to add a couple more pieces to Ella's Fall wardrobe. The most recent addition are these stretchy leggings. I bought a double needle, and have been excited to try using it, so when I came across a $.99 striped knit shirt at the thrift store I knew it would be perfect for fashioning into some leggings for Little Lady.

They really are the easiest things ever, and sewing with the double needle was a breeze. I just traced a pair of leggings that fit Ella on folded fabric, then used my double needle to sew up the sides and the crotch, folded the waist down and added elastic, and hemmed the legs (two pieces! easy peasy!). 

If you'd like to read a great intro into sewing with knits/stretchy fabrics and using a double needle i'd suggest reading this. And if you'd like a tutorial using the same method I did to make them, this is a great one (Lots of pictures and helpful instructions).

I definitely will be using my double needle more often, and making a few more pairs of these pants for her. You can use old t-shirts, yoga pants, anything that has stretch to it, so it's a great idea for refashioning items you're looking to get rid of.

Keep an eye out, because I've also used the same method with an added twist to make something else for the Fall season...i'll share that soon!

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