May 28, 2011

{MIA-wedding festivus}

Wow! Sorry I've been MIA for the last 2 weeks. It's been super duper busy around here, we've been in weddings, planning 1st birthday's and getting ready for 9 (yes, NINE!) weeks of selling at Old Folsom's Thursday night market. 

I'll have a booth there and will be selling all your favorite Abstract Grace items, as well as some new items that aren't available in the online store yet. (Ekk! Very excited about those.)

 Oh, and the biggest reason I haven't been blogging a lot lately is that someone got ahold of the computer charger and put it in their mouth. Apparently baby slobber isn't good for MacBook chargers, because after she sucked on it for a bit it no longer gave charge to my computer, so i've been computer-less until we finally got the replacement. (Note to self, keep computer charger out of reach of baby at all costs.)

Here's proof of our crazy busy lives as of late...
Good news is...I'M BACK!
yellow tea length strapless dress, and pearls. loved this bridesmaid choice!

the happy couple

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