May 6, 2011

{cookie recipe review}

A friend recently gave me about 80 single serving pouches of dried cranberries (apparently her cousin is an Ocean Spray Rep and brought them quite the load). Did you know that Ocean Spray (is there even any other brand that sells cranberries out there?) makes dried cranberries in different flavors? Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that the box was filled with blueberry and pomegranate flavored cranberries. Yum! I don't cook with cranberries very often, so I started browsing for recipes. I came across this recipe for white chocolate chip cranberry oatmeal cookies, sheesh, that's a mouth full.

The recipe boasts nearly a full 5 stars, so it has to be good right? Well I got to baking and followed the recipe exactly (which I rarely do). The end result was a wonderful cookie. Slightly crispy on the out side, but soft and chewy on the inside. Yum. They were a tad on the sweet side, but white chocolate has a tendency to make this taste uber sweet. Next time i'll cut back on the amount of white sugar in the recipe to counter the sweetness from the white chocolate chips. I used the pomegranate flavored dried cranberries in the recipe and they turned out wonderful. Don't they look yummy? Well, I only have about 75 packages left, so i'm back to searching...If anyone has a great recipe containing dried cranberries, leave a link to it in the comments or email me, I'd love to try it.

pardon the horrible picture. my kitchen is windowless. :(

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