February 18, 2011

{find a friend friday - link up!}

I've had a great week despite the fact that Ella was sick for most of it.  I hope you all had a great week too. You know the one thing that would make it better? Some new friends! Alissa over at Rags To Stitches Boutique and I decided to start a weekly linky party, and this week I'm being featured! Read below for some ramblings by me, and be sure to join the party. 

There are no rules, I just want to meet new people. But as you stop by I hope you like what you see and you'll follow me too! Leave me a comment and I'll follow you back!

Now go make some new friends!!

  "Find a Friend Friday" - Welcome to Week 3!

What inspires you?
Most of my inspiration comes from perusing designer fabrics, vintage children's patterns, Anthropologie (my favorite!), and my little girl Ella June. Everything that I make is inspired by my own personal tastes, and somewhere along the way that resonates with others who like them too!

What made you start your business?
When you have a seamstress as a mother it's safe to say you grew up sewing and crafting, and that I did! I had been blogging about my sewing and crafting for sometime, but when I found out I was pregnant with Ella, my sewing/crafting really kicked into high gear. It wasn't long until people were offering to pay me to make gifts and items for them and that's how I started selling my goods. 

What do you love most about what you do?
First off, I love that running my Etsy shop and blog gives me an outlet for my creative side, and a small break from the every day life of being a SAHM. Second, I love when people choose to buy things from me for their children; to me that's a huge compliment. 

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry. Mmmm, yum!

What's your favorite color?
It's a tie between Green and Pink! 

Wanna join in the fun? Here are the rules!
1. Follow Rags to Stitches and Abstract Grace
2. Meet some new friends
3. Leave a comment if you want us to follow you back!

Have fun!!

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