February 20, 2011

{engagement photos}

I had planned to do this post on Valentines Day, believe me, after this you'll really be feeling the "love". :)

Here's a fun fact about me: in college I majored in Communications, and minored in Fine Art Photography. Yep, that's right the ooooold school way of taking pictures. Remember film? Digital was definitely the standard by 2003, but when I started college I decided to take the art seriously. I spent many a late night in the university's basement darkroom processing film, dodging and burning prints. One day I'll have to show you some of those photos...

Now I'm strictly digital in regards to my photography. I don't have a big bad expensive digital (I use a Nikon d60), but it works for blogging, snapping photos of Junebug, and the occasional random photo sesh.

Recently my best friends little sister got engaged, and I was asked to take a few photos of them to remember their engagement with. Of course I obliged, and here are a few of what came of it. They chose the location, the cutest old wooden bridge.

We had a lot of fun doing the photos, and this just proves that you don't need a big fancy camera to shoot some decent photos (i may have a minor in photography, but i'm no professional (and don't claim to be) plus, photoshop works wonders!).

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