February 23, 2011

{dolls, dolls, dolls!}

I know Ella June is only 8.5 months old, but she already has a best friend. Her name is Alivia Rae (we call her Ali) and her mom and I are best friends too! In fact we've been best friends since we were in the 2nd grade, almost 20 years! Ali's mom and I grew up dreaming of being in each other's weddings, and raising our kids as best friends, so when we both got engaged (4 weeks apart) and got married (4 weeks apart) AND were pregnant at the same time (had our babies 6 months apart) it was like a dream come true! Ella and Ali were destined to be best buddies. Really though, they have no choice.

Ali turned one recently and this is the special little gift that came from Ella (made by me). It's a handmade doll. I can just picture the girls now playing pretend with their dolls. Growing up remembering how special it is to have a best friend.
I made Ali's doll with pigtails, just like how her momma likes to fix her hair. She also has vintage lace and brown ball trim at the waist, green stockings with ric rac trim, and the sweetest two hearts on the chest (representing Ali and Ella) with an embroidered detail. Not pictured I also sewed down the sweetest little bow in her hair. It really put the doll over the top in cuteness and girlie factors. 

These photos were taken before I put two eyes and the tiniest red mouth on her (and of course the bow in her hair) to finish her off. She turned out so darling, and I can't wait to make Ella one of her own. <3

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