September 1, 2010

{paul frank baby legs}

As promised, here they are. Even MORE baby legs to add to the madness. Isn't she the most adorable baby wearing the most adorable Paul Frank baby legs? I scored the socks on SALE at Target the other day, then whipped them into tiny leg warmers. The total cost of 4 pairs of baby legs...about $2 a pair! Can't beat that, especially when the real things cost waaayyyy more than that. Here's Little Lady modeling a pair.

Here are the other 3 pairs, totally cute huh?! I can't wait for all the Halloween socks to make there way into the stores, yay for themed accessories!


  1. These are so cute! What size of socks do you buy to make these? I have a scrawny three-month-old. What size should I probably get? Thanks!

  2. I just realized you talked about the size in a previous post.

  3. Thanks! Ella is 3 months old also, i just use the adult sized crew socks and they fit perfect. The knee length are too long.