September 9, 2010

{alice in wonderland}

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I know it's a ways off, {ok, like waaaaayyyy off} but I can't help starting to think about Little Lady's 1st birthday. You're probably rolling your eyes, thinking "this woman is crazy, she has a 14 week old and is already thinking about her 1st birthday!" but I can't help it. I'm not so much planning, as...we'll call it "researching" possible themes and decor.

Up first is an Alice In Wonderland theme, I know all the hype about the movie and all a while back really pushed this theme into overkill, but a year from now no one will remember how trendy it is to have a Wonderland themed party, and i'll still be basking in my love for the book {the movie was a complete disappointment to me}.

Part of me is thinking this would be better suited for a young child's party and not a baby's 1st birthday. I'm thinking that babies sipping luke warm tea from fancy tea cups isn't gonna happen. Anyways...I can dream, so here are a few photos that really get my inspiration going:

The most AMAZING tweedle dee and tweedle dum cupcakes.
Party invitations. I love a good font or two, and this one uses just the right ones.
Girly tea cups and drink me tags. Details are everything, aren't they?

What theme did you do for your little one's first birthday???

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  1. seriously, please invite me when this party goes down. I want to be a part of it.