August 29, 2010

{manic sewing & baby legs}

I'm on a roll, a serious sewing kick. It's rather disturbing people, seriously. In the last week i've made about half a dozen baby dresses, nearly a dozen boutique burpies sets, and dozens of felt hair clips. I'm trying to build a decent stock for the shop, and hope that my endless sewing pays off...literally. I also have a few important meetings this week with some Southern California stores who will be stocking AG items {yay!}, so i'm feeling the pressure to sew and craft big time.

In addition to all the AG sewing i've made about 10 or so pairs of baby legs. They are made from adult socks, and every time i'm anywhere I end up buying a pair - they're always on sale! The prints they make for socks are perfect for cute little chubby baby legs. I even scored 4 pairs of Paul Frank socks {on sale!} that will be undoubtedly be my favorite of the bunch {no pics of them below, but I'll be sure to post some}.
Baby legs are quite possibly the cutest and easiest things to make for little ones. I think I enjoy this project so much because you can enjoy them on your child for quite a while. Anything that Ella doesn't grow out of in 6 weeks is a plus!
I've debated putting some of them up in the shop as well, but am not sure if I should. I feel like I have such a variety of items already that I may need to scale back a little on my selection. Hm, we'll see. Ella can't possibly wear all the pairs i've made her. Oh, and another great thing about baby legs is that both genders can enjoy them. The 3 blue pairs were a gift for a friend's darling little boy.

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