August 26, 2010

{Happy Thursday + Exciting News!}

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I know I am. I'm anxiously awaiting for the mailman, er...mail-person, to deliver a certain smart phone. (Yay iPhone!). I'll be tinkering around with my new toy the rest of the evening i'm sure, of course that's between feedings and dirty diapers.

On another note...I wanted to share with you all some great news! Abstract Grace currently sells items on Etsy, but soon we'll be available via retail store! The Seasons Gift Store in Diamond Bar, California is going to be stocking limited edition items. The Seasons Gift Store is located inside the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs building at 22324 Golden Springs Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. We're also working on selling items in a few other select retail stores in the Southern California area. We're verrrrrry excited about being able to sell via storefront!

If you don't live in the greater Los Angeles area, don't worry, you can always get your items via Etsy.

We also have some great things in store for you for September and October...I'll give you all a hint. "Giveaway." Stay tuned and Happy Thursday!


  1. how awesome! i follow your blog...dont know where you live though. i work right by diamond bar!!!

  2. thanks for following me Sarah! small world you're near diamond bar. stop by seasons! :)