June 11, 2011

{Thursday Night Markets}

I've been working hard the last few months getting ready to have a booth at the Thursday Night Market in Old Folsom. My friend Christa (we've been BFF's since 2nd grade) has a darling small business called The Mustard Seed, where she sells handmade goodies (think adorable children's clothing) and refinished furniture, and I was delighted to be able to share a booth with her. This week was the first night of 9 weeks setting up, selling and tearing down...and it was a huge success!!! 

Please forgive the crummy iphone photos

Our booth turned out darling and we both sold well. I'm looking forward to spending our Thursday nights this summer outside, with my BFF, selling Abstract Grace goodies. And the fact that our booth is right across from the homemade waffle cone ice cream booth, and the BBQ guy is a total bonus (and potentially dangerous, lol).

If you're in Northern California, or local, come out and say hi!

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