January 2, 2011

{goodbye 2010, hello 2011}

Goodbye 2010, and HELLO 2011! Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a great end to 2010 and are now enjoying the beginnings of 2011. 2010 was the most memorable year to date for me. Lets review:

1. I graduated Grad school May 23rd.
 Having an MBA in Business/Marketing at 24 is a pretty cool thing if you ask me.

2. I had a baby girl
May 31, Memorial Day (Yes, only one week after graduation, we were pushing that deadline close eh?) our little Ella June was born, 
after 31 long hours...

3. We moved.
In fact we moved over 400 miles from Northern California to Southern California. Boy was that an adjustment...BUT I met some AWESOME ladies and have life long friends because of it.

4. I had my golden birthday!
 25 years old on July 25th!And what did I do you ask? Why I went to Renegade LA and ate Mexican food of course!

5. I participated in my first Boutique.
Boy was it fun. In fact I did several events on the "boutique circuit" this fall, and had a blast. My business really grew this year, and I LOVE doing it. 

6. I saw a Double Rainbow! Ohhhh, Ahhhhh!

7. And to end the year...ANOTHER move.
Yep, after only living in Southern California for 5 months some unfortunate news we got the day before New Years Eve is causing us to have to move back to northern California. Gosh, what a headache, moving all that way, sacrificing so much for only 5 months! But the friendships i've made while here make it all worth the trouble that moving is. (See #3). 

Now on to 2011
Here are some "resolutions" if you will, for the new year. Nah, lets just think of them as "to do's".

1. Love on my Husband and little Junebug, until the smothering is too much. And then i'll sneak in one more kiss and hug. 

2. Save money! Save money! Save money! Downsize from all the unnecessary things, well except Anthropologie items, you can never have enough of anything from that store. 

3. Grow my business. I need to be more consistent in my blogging, my creating, sewing and all around craftiness. 

4. Lose the baby weight!

5. Enjoy life. Plain and simple.

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