March 5, 2010

{Changing Directions...}

I've been going back and forth about this for a very long time. What exactly is Abstract Grace??? I'm referring to the blog, and it's focus specifically. I originally started the blog because everyone I knew kept telling me that I needed to share my work with others. At that time I had quite the blog-roll going (it has since tripled in length), and I was such a fan of the blogs I was reading daily and the "blogosphere" that I knew it was a perfect outlet for sharing my ideas and work.

Most people that read my blog or know me in real life say I need to sell the items I make, which spawned my Etsy shop. Well...I soon found that grad school and full time work keeps me soooo busy that a new adventure such as a small business on Etsy was just not practical. I have yet to put a single item in there (so sad), and I have grand plans for that to change very soon. (I say that now but we'll see if it really happens once the little one arrives.)

Back to the focus of this entry...I get such joy out of reading the "lifestyle/design" blogs. You know...ones like this , and this, oh...and this one. All fabulous examples of crafty women who share their projects along with their lives. I think that I like this format better than "craft-only" focused blogs. I'm not sure why anyone would want or care about my life, but for some reason I feel that Abstract Grace would benefit from a slight shift in focus.

So...I'll start slowly. Adding pics and posts about my daily life. My personal likes and dislikes. Things I love. Blogs I love. Fashion. Makeup. Design. Life.....we'll see where it takes us!

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