March 22, 2010

{Projects: Bibs}

Ok, I debated on whether or not to post this project because since I made these months ago I have changed the design to what I think is now a much improved version. There is no hyping these bad boys up - they are your basic snap closure terry backed bibs. Purpose--keep spills and spit up off baby's cute clothes. I used patterned cotton for the front, and terrycloth (think towel material) for the back. They should be very absorbent for a messy baby.

The patterns you can find for bibs are numerous. Just google "baby bib patterns" and a bunch of different styles and such will come up. I just freehanded the pattern for this one, sewed my fabric right sides together (leaving a gap for turning), flipped inside out and top stitched (for durability and to close the gap). Lastly I added a snap closure at the top (better than velcro in my opinion, however you could use velcro if you have it handy). It's a very simple project. Like I said earlier, I have a few jazzed up versions to share later on, but for now i'll leave you with a link with a great basic template and basic instructions for making your own bibs. Just click HERE.

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