March 28, 2009

{Pink and Brown}

For the longest while I've been dreaming of a space that I could call mine. Somewhere where I can create, sew and leave scraps of fabric lying around without anyone complaining. I've been scouring Flickr and a host of other blogs for craft room ideas. A few months ago our room mate moved out and our guest room was available for me to finally move my craft stuff into! I only took a corner of space, so that we can still have guests stay over, but it's the perfect area for my creative needs! The room actually gets great natural light, though it doesn't seem to translate in these photos.

I played around with a color scheme, and finally chose pink and brown. I wanted the space to be uniform in color and storage, and because it is a small section of the room it needed to have a very organized look. Plus, I like to keep things neat  and tidy. Though it is hard to see, the color on the walls in the room is a pale green and the contrast is nice.
The white table was a hand me down from my mom, and I primed, painted and sealed it myself. I love the clean look it gives. The chair however needs to GO! I hate it, and am on the hunt for the perfect chair to paint and recover. The space definitely needs it! It's a little hard to see, but on the wall to the right are two pictures framed. They look like this, and this
This crummy picture (sorry about that) shows the shelf above my table, it holds my magazines, a few boxes of crafting supplies, cans wrapped in decorative paper (to hold pens, paint brushes and extra stuff), as well as a haphazardly placed stack of felt and fabric. 
My peg board was bought at home depot, cut to size (thanks husband!), primed and painted the same color white as the table. It holds all my craft tools, scissors, hole punches, etc... The letter "L" is for my name, and both it and the small clipboard below it were covered in decorative paper. You'll see a sneak peak of some of the paper cutting I've been doing on the bulletin board, which I'm eventually planning on covering in this brown woodgrain fabric. I may just make a matching cozy cover for my sewing machine too!
Finally my 70's sewing machine. I love this thing! It may be a little dated, but it works great and is in great condition. In real life it is a soft buttery yellow color with a contrasting yellow based cream color. It's not fancy, but gets the job done. And it does look awful cute. The hideous office/table lamp is a "make do" until I find something else that fits the space. I'm on a constant search for the perfect fit.

So, this is it, a work in progress, but somewhere I can call my own! I'd love to see pics of your craft/sewing/creative space, so if you have one please leave a link!

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  1. OMG I LOVE your sewing room!!!! You need to teach me how to sew, I have a machine just dont know how to use it. :) This is Kellie by the way.