March 12, 2009

{A Headache of A Project}

So, I started on the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern two days ago. I made a trip down to Beverly's Fabrics  to pick up some Amy Butler fabric (they were one of the only one's who carried the line, plus they take competitor's coupons-BONUS!) and while there asked one of their salespeople for a recommendation on fusible interfacing. This is where all went wrong. 

She led me to some interfacing which she said "would be great for the project". I took her up on her advice and bought the stuff-even though my intuition told me, uh...i'm not so sure about this.... cut a long story Birdie Sling turned out beautiully-except that it was crinkly like a plastic bag. Litterly. The interfacing she told me to get was so stiff and paper-like that my bag made crunching noises at every touch. My husband even said-"Um...I could hear you coming with that thing, it's definitely not right". It was obvious the sales lady DID NOT sell me woven interfacing, and my beautiful (not to mention expensive-nearly $40) project was a bust. 

So...this is where the redemption happens. I called up Beverly's and talked to the manager. Telling her that the recommendation the sales women gave me was severely wrong, thus ruining my project. She told me to come in with the bag and she'd take care of it. So...I drove down to Beverly's, very disappointed I'd have to take another 6 hours to make a new bag. 

Well, now I'm a Beverly's fan for life. Not only did the manager give me all new fabric, interfacing and supplies to make a new bag, she gave me my money back as well!! Discouraged at the idea of having to make an all new bag, I tore open a seam and ripped all the paper out I could, barely salvaging the thing. It's no where near what the right one would have been (not to mention I had to cut two huge holes inside the handle) but at least its not crunching when I put it over my shoulder. (You can see in the photo how crinkly the handle looks. That was pre-paper rip out.)
On the other side of it- this bag is just too cute. I want to make a ton of them in all colors for summer. The bag is just the right size for me-HUGE. I love big bags that fit everything you could every want. Perfect for summertime. Perfect for springtime. Perfect, perfect, perfect. 

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